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Flower Care Tips to Keep Your Flowers Fresh –

Flower Care Tips to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Posted by Abby Aquino on

Having trouble keeping your flowers fresh? Well here are some tips and tricks to have longer lasting flowers. 


Cut the Stems

Cut the stems at an angle for about one to two inches. It allows the flower to intake more water because its stem does not sit on the bottom of the vase.


Remove Outer Petals

Remember to take old outer petals in order to prevent contamination of bacteria with the whole flower.

Fill a Clean Vase with Tap Water

 Fill a clean vase with just about the right amount of tap water to prevent drowning the flower. It is important to use a clean vase to prevent any bacteria from contaminating the flower.

Add Flower Food to the Vase Filled with Water

Add a whole pack of flower food to provide the needed nutrients the flower initially gets from mother nature.

Avoid Direct Sunlight, Drafts, and Heat

Avoid direct sunlight, drafts, and heat to prevent premature dehydration.  

Re-trim Stems and Replace Water

Don't forget to re-trim the stems and replace the water every 2 to 3 days to maintain absolute freshness.
Stay fresh!

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