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The First Flower You See Reveals A Lot About Your Personality –

The First Flower You See Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Posted by Abby Aquino on

Personality refers to individual differences in patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Your personality tells your mind to make something appear in a particular way. For a long time, people have attributed meanings to different types of flowers. Take this test to find out which flower really connects with you and what it says about your personality.








Romantic. You are romantic, passionate, and emotional, making your relationships deep and meaningful. You often see the best in others and you can easily bring it out of them. You may be a little old-fashioned because you value tradition. You tend to be a perfectionist, so sometimes, you expect the same from other people. However, you will find that you can be more accepting by appreciating others for who they truly are. Roses are usually associated with love and passion. That is why this flower is perfect for showing your partner how much you love and appreciate him/her, as well as for celebrating anniversaries.




Genuine. You are very genuine and down to earth. You are loyal and that is why your friends trust you with their secrets. You are practical and realistic, so people usually ask you for advice. You have a very strong personality and you are always craving adventure. You want success and are very passionate in everything that you do. Depending on the color, carnations can be associated with things such as luck, purity, and gratitude or deep feelings of love and affection. They are commonly used for Mother's Day, but can also convey the message "thank you" as well as express feelings for someone.




Thoughtful. You are thoughtful, sweet, and sensitive. You cherish your loved ones and can easily connect with other people. You give your best in everything that you do and can adapt well to changes. You love and appreciate bold gestures, especially when it comes to relationships. This flower is also commonly associated with perfect love, while also symbolizing elegance and grace. Tulips are very special and can be used for almost any occasion, from celebrating lobe to expressing heartfelt sympathy.




Loving. You are a very loving and caring person. You are very kind, which is why you are well-respected by the people around you. You make sure that loved ones feel cared for, which is what they love most about you. You take your relationships very seriously despite your fun and playful nature. Lilies are mostly used to celebrate romance, but they can also be used to encourage someone to feel better.





Cheerful. You are always happy, cheerful, and warm. You easily make friends because you are very positive. Your presence lights up every room you are in. You are a beautiful person inside and out and like to comfort people whenever they need you. You are bubbly, energetic, and have a loving spirit. Sunflowers can shine even in the darkest of days - you can give them to a lover or a friend to brighten up their day.




Optimistic. You are optimistic and full of joy. You like to help others and you are very loyal to your friends and family. Because of this, you have connections that are genuine and long-lasting.  You are very secure in relationships because you know that you are giving your all and you trust that your partner does the same. You are a devoted person and people like that about you. Although roses are the most commonly used to express love, chrysanthemums are also an amazing flower for romantic gestures. 




Compassionate. You are very sweet, caring, and compassionate. You love to surprise other people and make them happy. You are a great listener and that is why you can easily connect with others. You like to take risks because you know that they will yield great results. You are understanding and sensitive towards others' feelings. Peonies embody romance and prosperity and are used for romantic occasions like anniversaries and weddings.




Perky. You are perky and always happy. You love nature and adventures. You like to cheer people up and you cherish your relationships. You have a fun-loving personality and you are a very creative person. With its many bright colors, it is easy to associate daisies with cheerfulness. It is effortless for you to spread happiness to everyone around you and you are almost always the life of the party.




Appreciative. You make sure to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them. You are a keeper and you love unconditionally. You always show heartfelt sincerity and honesty. You are often regarded as a team player and you think before you act to unnecessarily hurt others. Hydrangeas are an elegant way to show gratitude to someone and they make for beautiful decorations. 


All flowers are beautiful in their own way. Each of them represents a different set of characteristics and is unique, just like you. The personalities listed above may be true for some, but at the end of the day, no one can define who you are but yourself. 

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