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5 Activities To Enjoy With Mom This Mother's Day –

5 Activities To Enjoy With Mom This Mother's Day

Posted by Felicia Ocampo on

Nowadays we’re so stressed out by the hustle and bustle of daily life that we forget to reconnect to the people most important to us - our family. Luckily, this Mother’s Day is a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy for a while with our moms. Here are 5 fun activities that you can enjoy with your mom on this special day.

Going to the Spa

The first one on our list is a trip to the spa. What could be more relaxing than getting a massage from a trained masseuse, or a hot sauna session? Both of these and more can be had in a spa. It would be a great treat for you and your mom.



Indulge your gastronomic cravings, and try cooking a delicious meal with your mom! Whether it’s as intricate as chicken inasal for dinner, or as simple as omelettes for breakfast, you’re sure to have a good time and a happy stomach afterwards.

Making an Art/Artwork

This activity is for those who can do more than doodle, or for those who want to get their hands dirty! Making art, whether it be a painting, a clay sculpture, or even classical Japanese flower arranging, is a great tool to express your creativity and emotions. It would be done even better with someone you love by your side. So, brush away!

Physical Activity

Don’t be afraid to get moving and sweat it out with mom! Numerous studies have shown that working out with a partner has key benefits such as improving levels of motivation and overall focus. Other than that, having someone else to be with for these fun activities is a whole lot of fun! There are many sports and activities to try, like rock climbing, swimming, hiking, and jogging. So (track)suit up!

Watching a Movie

For the final activity on our list, you can just choose to sit back, rest your feet on a stool, and watch a movie with mom. You can both laugh over a comedy, or be moved to tears by a heartwarming drama. Whatever genre you choose, there are sure to be many choices in store for you.

Of course, your perfect Mother’s Day wouldn’t just be confined to these activities. Whatever activity you wish to pursue on that special day, what ultimately makes it amazing and meaningful is the time you choose to spend with your mom. It’s the thought that counts.

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