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6 Best Flower Arrangements | Blog

6 Best Flower Arrangements

Posted by Erika Tempongko on

What are the best flower arrangements?

  1. Birthdays
    1. Sunset Love
    2. Girl Boss Gift Box
  2. Anniversaries
    1. Beautiful You
    2. Date Night Gift Box
  3. Funerals
    1. Never Forgotten
    2. In Loving Memory


Flower arrangements crafted by professionals have the ability to convey a variety of feelings and emotions.


Flowers alone are already correlated with specific emotions.

Bright yellow sunflowers are often connected to happiness.

Sultry red roses are used to signify desire.

White chrysanthemums are used to portray empathy.


But flowers, once put together into a bouquet, have the ability to enhance emotions.

A bouquet of sunflowers can signify euphoria.

A bouquet of roses can signify passion.

And a bouquet of white chrysanthemums may portray grief.


Want to know about the 6 best flower arrangements? Read on!




Looking for a birthday gift to give to your loved one? Express your deepest gratitude for your close bond with them by giving them a special flower arrangement. Wish your boss a happy birthday with a gift box filled with knick-knacks to help inspire her at work.


Here are some of’s best flower arrangements for birthdays:


Sunset Love

Sunflowers represent happiness. A sunflower bouquet is a perfect gift to give your loved one for their birthday in order to showcase how happy you are to have them in your life. Pair it up with statice flowers, which symbolize remembrance, to show them that they are always in your thoughts.

Avail of’s Sunset Love to help celebrate your loved one’s special day. Sunset Love is a wonderfully arranged bouquet of 3 stems of sunflowers, 3 stems of red roses, and statice flowers.


Girl Boss Gift Box

Do you have a strong and independent woman in your life who is about to celebrate their birthday? Instead of simply giving them a flower bouquet, consider giving them a specialized gift box instead, complete with items that could help them in their work lives.

Consider availing of’s Girl Boss Gift Box to surprise your loved one with something new. This gift box comes with a personalized mug, notebook, pen, sticky notes, and cute paper clips. Show how much you care about their success with this thoughtful gift.

These are just some of the arrangements that you can give to your loved ones for their birthdays. Express even deeper love to your partner by giving them a flower arrangement for your anniversary.




Anniversaries are one of the most perfect times to surprise your loved one with a flower arrangement. There are a variety of flowers that can represent intense love and passion once put together into a bouquet. Or give your partner an all-in-one gift complete with flowers, chocolate, and even wine.


Here are some of’s best flower arrangements for anniversaries:


Beautiful You

Red roses are the staple when it comes to romantic flowers. Why not elevate your romantic gesture by availing of a bouquet of a dozen fresh red roses. This will definitely show how dedicated you are to your loving relationship.

Show, not tell, your partner how much you love them with’s Beautiful You. Get your partner a dozen red roses arranged in a classic arm bouquet. Want more? Consider getting an additional teddy bear with your bouquet for only a small fee.


Date Night Gift Box

Looking to spoil your partner with a number of romantic gifts? Look no further!’s Date Night Gift Box is perfect for those looking to surprise their special someone with something extra unique.

The Date Night Gift Box contains 3 red roses, five pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a 187mL bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay, and a scented candle that can come in jasmine or lavender scents.

There are different ways to celebrate someone’s life. Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. Funerals are celebrations of a loved one’s life who has recently passed on. Flower arrangements are a good way to memorialize your favorite moments with them.




Show your deepest sympathies to a loved one who has just recently passed on with a decorated funeral flower arrangement. Offer a serene funeral flower stand in order to show your condolences to their family.


Here are some of’s best flower arrangements for funerals:


Never Forgotten has an array of single layer funeral flower stands made of beautifully arranged fresh white chrysanthemums. These are complemented by a lovely white ribbon that you can choose to write your farewell messages on. Choose to say goodbye to your loved one with’s Never Forgotten.


In Loving Memory

If the person who recently passed was close to your heart, you may want to further show your love and respects to them through a two-layer funeral flower stand.’s In Loving Memory is created with fresh anthuriums and white chrysanthemums beautifully arranged under a long white ribbon. Say your final goodbye with this serene flower arrangement.

These are just three occasions fit for giving flower arrangements. There are numerous other occasions you can give flower arrangements in such as celebratory events, baptisms, and to say get well soon.


Key Takeaway

Make use of expertly crafted flower arrangements to portray your innermost desires.

These are only some of the ways that you can place flowers together in order to relay a specific message and emotion to its receiver. Make use of flower bouquets along with a gift box to celebrate another year with your loved one. Prepare a romantic flower arrangement paired with special gifts to show your intense love for your partner. And finally, show your deep condolences by ordering a special arrangement fit for a serene funeral.

Click here to find more flower arrangements!


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