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Flower Arrangements You Can Send To A Sick Loved One

Posted by Erika Tempongko on

What are flowers that you can send to a sick loved one?

  1. Sunny Days (₱1,599)
  2. Touch of Summer (₱1,699)
  3. Jed (₱1,799)
  4. Yellow Tulips (₱1,499)
  5. Violet Surprise Gift Basket (₱1,599)

One of the hardest parts of life is seeing a loved one suffering. It’s even more difficult if you cannot physically be there by their side. If you have a loved one who has been hospitalized back home, then you may be looking to send them something special. Show that you support their recovery and send flowers to the Philippines through

Choose from a wide selection of flourishing flora to convey a variety of messages. Make a sick parent smile with a bright bouquet of sunflowers. Send a touching gift basket complete with flowers, chocolate, and a teddy bear to younger relative feeling unwell. Or get a flower vase full of tulips delivered to say get well soon to a beloved grandparent

Read on to learn about flower arrangements that you can send to a sick loved one.

Sunny Days (₱1,599)

Sunny Days (₱1,599)

The dullness of staying in a hospital room may get your loved one’s morale down. If you are looking for a way to boost their spirits, then this bouquet is definitely the perfect choice. Brighten up their days with’s Sunny Days bouquet. This bright flower arrangement makes use of large, yellow sunflowers to put a smile on their face. The sunflowers are combined with statice (sea lavender) flowers to fill the room up with a refreshing aroma.

If you are looking for an arrangement of flowers with even more colors and scents, then you will want to take a look at the next item on this list.

Touch of Summer (₱1,699)

There are three types of flowers that are known around the world as the perfect “get well soon” flowers: chrysanthemums, carnations, and gerbera.

Chrysanthemums symbolize positive thinking and joy.
Carnations symbolize good luck and a pure form of love.
Gerberas symbolize gratefulness for a beautiful and happy life.’s Touch of Summer combines and arranges all three flowers into a rectangular wooden box. The combination of different colors will be a refreshing change from the monotonous colors of a hospital room. Gift your sickly loved one with this heartwarming arrangement to give them a slice of nature to look at while they recover.

The next arrangement is a bouquet that also makes use of different types of flowers.

Jed (₱1,799)

Jed (₱1,799)

You could also choose different flowers to express different types of emotions.’s Jed bouquet makes use of five different flowers: large sunflowers, red roses, carnations, snapdragons, and mystic white. Encourage happiness with large sunflowers. Show your love with deep red roses. Give your loved one strength with the help of snapdragons. And finally, wish them good luck in their recovery with carnations.

The color yellow is a worldwide symbol of happiness, why not give that special person in your life flowers that are long-lasting to accompany them through their journey.

Yellow Tulips (₱1,499)

Tulips are a universal symbol of coziness and comfort. Yellow tulips are now used to convey cheerful and happy thoughts. If this is the message that you want to send to someone in the hospital, then you may want to avail of’s Yellow Tulips.

This arrangement will ensure that the flowers remain long-lasting enough to keep them company. It consists of 5 tall and elegant yellow tulips arranged in a glass vase. Ask them to place it on their bedside table to always give them hope and happiness during difficult times.

This next arrangement is a combination of flowers and other gifts that could make a younger loved one smile.

Violet Surprise Gift Basket (₱1,599)

 Violet Surprise Gift Basket (₱1,599)

There are many types of illnesses and diseases that could spread in a school setting. If a younger person in your life was unfortunate enough to catch one of them, then you may be looking for something to cheer them up. Being admitted to a hospital can be scary for any child.

Surprise them with’s Violet Surprise Gift Basket to keep their hopes up. This gift basket includes a teddy bear, red roses, white & violet mums, as well as Ferrero Rocher. It is topped off with a fun purple ribbon.

These are just some of the flower arrangements that you may be interested in sending to your loved one back home. Feel free to choose from the other selections has to offer!

Key Takeaway

Make your presence known to sick loved ones even from miles away. Send flowers to the Philippines easily with the help of Enjoy same-day delivery for free if you order before 5:00 PM on Mondays to Fridays or before 2:00 PM on Saturdays to Sundays. Get it delivered to loved ones in hospitals around Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Davao City, as well as select areas in Antipolo, Cainta, and Taytay.

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