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How to Freshen Up Your Home –

How to Freshen Up Your Home

Posted by Abby Aquino on

In need of ideas for decorations for your new home or maybe wanting a change? How about some plants to liven up your home? Of course, you would want your decorations to match the ambience of your home and they should be easy to maintain. Here are some inspirations for the perfect plant embellishments:

Small Plants


Succulents are really cute and are often used as display at home. Others like theirs with plain planters, while there are some who opt for artsy ones. People usually use these as decoration because they are very easy to maintain and they can be placed literally anywhere.

Flower Arrangement in a Vase


It is always invigorating to see fresh flowers at home. You can arrange them any way you want and put them in a vase, then you are good to go. Although these have a shorter life span than those of the succulents, when properly taken care of, they can last for long.

Flower Baskets


You can always use vibrant colored flowers and place them in a basket to display wherever you want. There are many creative ways to design your basket with flowers. A simple way to use a flower basket as decoration is to just simply place them on your table at home. Others like to hang theirs on their front door because they give a very welcoming vibe.

Boxed Blooms


You can also opt for something simpler and elegant, such as the boxed blooms. Solid colored boxes are usually used to encase the flowers and are placed near the windows or on the table. The most commonly used flowers for this type of arrangement are roses, lilies, and daisies, because they have such bright and captivating colors.

  Flowers in a Pot


Flowers put in a pot can be used as a good home decoration. They can easily add color to the room and they do not have to be complicated, unlike with other flower arrangements. There is also no need for too many flowers for it to look lively. Sunflowers and orchids are the most common flowers to be placed in a pot because it is easier for them to get the nutrients that are essential to maintain them; also, both these flowers have very radiant colors - one of the reasons why only a few of these flowers are needed to make an attractive embellishment.

You can never go wrong with flowers, especially if you want to create an environment that is fresh and bright. You want an atmosphere that you actually want to stay in and flowers are one of the most inexpensive ways to do that. You just have to find what kind of flowers suit you and your home.

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