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How to Pick the Perfect Flower for Special Occasions | Blog

How to Pick the Perfect Flower for Your Special Occasions

Posted by Erika Tempongko on

How can you pick the perfect flowers for your special occasion?

  1. For Your Mother’s Birthday (Carnation)
  2. As a Get Well Soon (Daisy)
  3. To Profess Your Love (Rose)
  4. As a Wedding Bouquet (Lily)
  5. To Congratulate a Friend (Sunflower)
  6. In Order to Ask for Forgiveness (Tulip) 


When choosing a flower that you want to give during a special occasion, you must take note of what the flower symbolizes. Before you send flowers to the Philippines, think about what message you would like to convey to your loved one back home.


Do you want to tell them that you miss them?

Would you like to greet them a happy birthday?

Or are you interested in professing your love?


There are corresponding flowers to these situations that would be able to do the job.

Read on to learn how to pick the perfect flower for your special occasions.


For Your Mother’s Birthday (Carnation)

 For Your Mother’s Birthday (Carnation)

Are you looking to greet your lovely mother a happy birthday? In terms of flowers, you would want something that would signify your love for her. The flower that represents women’s love, pride, and beauty is the carnation.

Carnations come in a variety of colors. These all give different meanings to its receiver. Pink carnations signify a mother’s love. White carnations symbolize pure love. And light red carnations express admiration.

This type of flower would surely put a smile on her face. Besides your mother’s birthday, another occasion that you could use to send someone a flower is in order to say get well soon.


As A Get Well Soon (Daisy)

Being hospitalized for a long period of time could be a great source of sadness. The constant bleakness of the hospital can get anyone’s hopes down. If you have a loved going through a challenging period in their life, flowers can be a way for you to comfort them.

The daisy symbolizes new beginnings and prosperity. Its innocent colors have the ability to uplift anyone who comes across it. Use this to give your loved one hope and to show them that you will be with them every step of the way. This can be a good flower to accompany them during their recovery.

Another type of flower that you can give during a special occasion is a rose. This is reserved for more romantic relationships.


To Profess Your Love (Rose)


Roses are a universal signal of love. People of all ages and races make use of it to show how much they love a person. Roses can be given as a single flower or as a flower bouquet.

Did you know that there are approximately 120 types of roses?

Each of them has a different message. Red roses are the most popular variations. It is used to show longing, admiration, and powerful love. Pink roses will allow you to show how grateful you are to have that person in your life. On the other hand, white roses signify new beginnings. It would be the perfect gift to give to a new love.

If you know someone who is about to make the ultimate commitment of love, then you may want to send them an appropriate wedding bouquet.


As A Wedding Bouquet (Lily)

Do you have a close relative who is getting married back home? Are you unable to come home for the celebration? Show your support by volunteering to sponsor the bride’s wedding bouquet.

If you are planning on a bouquet that will certainly catch people’s eyes, then you have two choices: The Casablanca Lily and The Stargazer Lily.

The Casablanca Lily is a pure white flower known for its irresistible fragrance. Having a bouquet full of these lilies would highlight the bride’s modesty and pureness. It also symbolizes happiness and celebrations, which would be perfect for a wedding.

The Stargazer Lily is if you want a bold and dramatic look to the bouquet. Pink stargazer lilies would be perfect for a bride with a bright personality. The fragrant flowers also symbolize wealth and prosperity, which you can use to send your best wishes.

There are other celebrations that you might miss while you are abroad. Make sure that you show your never-ending support by sending flowers to them.


To Congratulate a Friend (Sunflower)

 To Congratulate a Friend (Sunflower)

Do you have a friend that you want to congratulate? Did they just get a promotion? Did they just graduate? Or maybe they just had their first child?

Congratulate them and make them smile at the same time with sunflowers. This type of flower is known to put a smile on anyone’s face. It is also a representation of adoration and dedicated love. Show your friend how proud you are of them with this sunny flower.

If there are flowers for good times, there are also flowers for bad times.


In Order to Ask for Forgiveness (Tulip) 

Are you currently in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR)? Did you just have a big quarrel that left your partner feeling upset? A flower that you can use to ask for their forgiveness is the tulip.

Tulips are used as a declaration of love. To be more specific, red tulips are associated with deep love. Violet tulips represent faithfulness. And yellow tulips are used to express when someone is hopelessly in love. Show them how much you cherish your love by sending a bouquet of assorted tulips.

These are just examples of certain occasions that would be the perfect time for you to send flowers. Make sure that you do your research well in order to find the best option for your loved one.


Key Takeaway

Why not give your loved one a meaningful gift for a special occasion? Explore your options in order to find the flower that would be able to truly represent your emotions.

Pick a sunflower to show your dedication.

Pick a carnation to show your love.

Pick an orchid to show your pure affection.

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