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Flower Delivery Cebu |

Flower Delivery Cebu

Choose the best flowers for delivery in Cebu fit for every occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events! Avail the services of professional online stores such as in order to receive the most ideal arrangement in the quickest time possible.

Want more price details and information? Read on to learn about the best flowers for each of your special occasions.

Best Flower Bouquets to Give on Birthdays

Gift-giving is a way for you to tell your college BFF just how much you treasure their companionship. When you avail of’s birthday bundles, there will be no need to go through multiple stores just to find the right presents. With, you can have a gift bundle complete with trinkets and sweets sent to your special someone in Cebu. From chocolate cakes to elegantly potted succulents, show how much you value your relationship by availing of’s birthday bundles. 


  • Echeveria Birthday Bundle

    BEST FOR: Your Closest College Friend or Special Someone
    PRICE: PHP 1,299


The Echeveria Birthday bundle consists of a one-of-a-kind Echeveria Succulent, a large Happy Birthday balloon, and a scrumptious chocolate cake. This is the perfect birthday gift for your closest college bud.

Succulents are known for the luck they bring. More than anyone else, college students need all the luck they can get to make it through the years of difficult lessons. Besides that, succulents are decorative little plants that can be stationed on top of a desk. What better way to remind your closest college friend of your presence than in the form of a potted succulent? Succulents are also easy to take care of. Water it once a week and give it the right amount of sunlight for it to last for a long time.

If you are looking for extra gifts, you have two more options. You can avail of a music box that can play“You’re My Sunshine” for PHP499 or a giant birthday greeting card for PHP349.

Do you think that this could be an appealing gift for your partner’s birthday? Not to worry! The Echeveria Birthday bundle is not only a perfect gift for best friends. You can get this bundle for your special someone along with a PHP99 upgrade that will give you an extra bright red heart balloon. If the extra balloon still feels inadequate for you, then a bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay as an add-on for PHP399 could do the trick! Besides celebrating your partner’s birthday with this bundle, you could also give them the perfect bouquet for your anniversary.


What Are the Best Flower Arrangements for Anniversaries?

Anniversaries are an extremely special day for any couple because you are celebrating another 365 days together. Why not kick it up a notch with specially designed arrangements for your special day? You can personally choose from a variety of flowers to include in the bouquet. Whether you want roses or sunflowers, getting your partner a bouquet remains the sweetest thing you can ever do for them. Trusted flower delivery in Cebu can get your flowers delivered in time for your anniversary!

  • Into My Heart

    BEST FOR: Your Special Someone
    PRICE: PHP 999


The name of this arrangement speaks for itself. This special gift is held within a heart-shaped box and is outlined by Ferrero Rocher. In the middle of the box are lovely red carnations elegantly designed to create the shape of a heart. Offer your heart to your special someone from Cebu with this unique bundle.

Toss a teddy bear as an add-on for PHP149 if you think that your gift is lacking. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with going all out for your special someone. Let them feel your overflowing and unconditional love with gifts that come from the heart!

Looking for something to celebrate another special occasion with? Take a look at this next arrangement.

Top Congratulatory Flower Arrangements

Are you out of the country but are looking to send flowers to the Philippines in order to say congratulations? Don't worry, has got you covered with its vast set of congratulatory bouquets.

  • Chloe

    BEST FOR: Your Newly Graduated Niece or Nephew
    PRICE: PHP 999


Not too close to your niece or nephew? Easily change that with a bouquet of flowers as a way to congratulate them for conquering their academic life! Show how proud you are of your loved one’s achievement with this special bouquet. If you are out of the country and you wish to send your newly graduated niece or nephew in Cebu something special, choose to send gifts from

The Chloe bouquet consists of 6 fresh red roses and 3 large sunflowers carefully arranged in a round bouquet. Give them something to remember you by even more with a stuffed teddy bear for an additional price of PHP149.

If you are also out of the country as one of your loved ones is rushed to the hospital, easily get flowers delivered to their hospital bedside with

Ideal Flowers to Send to Friends in the Hospital provides flower delivery to Makati City, Davao City, as well as select areas in Antipolo and Cainta. If one of your loved ones is confined in a nearby hospital, avail of an arrangement that can be delivered to their hospital within the day.

  • Miss Nadine

    BEST FOR: A Confined Aunt or Uncle
    PRICE: PHP 1,099


The Miss Nadine flower arrangement is made of carnations, daisies, and statice. It comes with its own box that can be easily stored at your loved one’s bedside. Show support for their recovery with one of’s flower arrangements. A box of flowers remains an exceptional “get well” gift for your Cebuano relatives who may be ill. An additional PHP499 will get you an add-on of a music box that plays “You’re my Sunshine”.

These are just some of the occasions that you can easily celebrate with arrangements by a trusted online flower store.

Get the Best Flowers for Delivery in Cebu Fit for Every Occasion with

Wherever you are in the Philippines, trust a professional online store such as to deliver precious flower arrangements for your special someone in Cebu. Show your emotions through one of our expertly crafted flower arrangements. Choose among our well-stocked list of options in order to find the best flowers for delivery in Cebu fit for every occasion.